Your Privacy - I only collect information voluntarily provided by users for the purpose of fulfilling orders, making contact and subscribing to alerts. This information is not sold, traded or otherwise made available to any third parties under any circumstances.

No financial record or sensitive information (credit card numbers, account balances, social security etc.) is collected or is stored on servers. Information pertaining to purchases is stored only on users' computers in the form of temporary cookies that are deleted when the user session ends (when the browser window displaying is closed).

No cookies, spyware, adware or other forms of behavior tracking devices are used to monitor your specific behavior on Google Analytics is used to monitor site traffic, entry points, exit points, search terms etc. ShareThis is used to enable sharing of content with others via email, social media, RSS and other means. No personally identifiable information is collected or stored.

My Privacy - All images, page designs and text are copyrighted by David Waugh and, except where provided by users seeking to sell cans, and may not be used elsewhere without permission. This includes linking to images on this site from other sites. Legal action will result.

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